Coaching is all about you. Please note that every program is customized to your needs.

Life Transition Coaching (Recommended for first-time clients)

A series of 9 to 12 coaching sessions designed to open the doors to new life possibilities. Clients are often struggling with relationship, career, or health issues. Clients receive a full discovery package by email before the coaching begins and each session ends with specific challenges designed to build a foundation to truly move forward in a positive direction. Life Transition Coaching is all about you. You are the driver of your journey, but you are not alone. Let’s create an open, honest trusting relationship and focus on what matters most.

Please contact me to learn more about Life Transition Coaching.

High-Impact Fast-Track Coaching

A series of 3 intensive one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help clients immediately take action. Clients are often previous clients who have completed a longer coaching program and are looking for a refreshing experience to boost their inner drive. High-Impact coaching has been described as jumping off a cliff and slamming into some very cold water. It is an intensive, in the moment, focused experience.

Please contact me to learn more about High-Impact Fast-Track Coaching.

Deep Level Process Coaching

A series of 6 to 9 deep coaching sessions designed to help clients process through emotional challenges. Clients are often those who have survived traumatic experiences and would like to escape recurring, unhelpful thoughts about the past and fears of the future. Deep Level Process Coaching is your opportunity to let go of the past, to take a safe walk through the darkness with a trusted friend who will help you find the light. It is an extremely rewarding and freeing experience.

Please contact me to learn more about Deep Level Process Coaching.

Career Transition Coaching

A career transition service built upon the power of the Facet5 Personality Assessment Tool, DiSC, Emotional Intelligence, Strengths Finder and one-to-one mentoring and coaching. Clients receive one-on-one debriefing, go through a clear goal setting process and develop an action plan. Whether you want to retrain or find a job, this service will definitely help change your perspective on the many options available. There are options for resume development and interview practice services.

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Leadership and Executive Coaching

Leadership and Executive coaching includes the Facet5 Personality Assessment Tool and professional onsite face-to-face meetings. Options include job performance awareness, management/leadership competencies, goals and commitments, actions and planning. There is also a designed alliance collaborative process to secure a powerful and meaningful trusting relationship between client and coach. Leadership and Executive Coaching focuses on present performance enhancement and the alignment of individual and organizational values.

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Commit2Change Workshops

Community networking organizations and corporations are invited to request Commit2Change workshops. These include lunch and learn, key-note speaking engagements, whole and half-day programs. Workshop Titles include…

  • A Taste of Confidence
  • Women in Transition
  • The Three Levels of Listening
  • Stress Management
  • Social Media
  • Career Transition
  • Networking and Interviewing During Career Transition
  • Self-Care During Transition

Please contact me to learn more about Commit2Change Workshops.