About Janet

Who is Toronto Career Coach Janet Blaha?

I am a certified career and life transition coach with more than 20 years experience in Toronto in personal and executive coaching, health care management, motivational leadership, mentoring and counseling. I provide professional services to organizations and individuals in transition. If you want to make a change in your life, find more joy, achieve an important goal, or make a significant decision, life coaching can help you get results. Call 647-994-1049 or reach me by email at janet.blaha@commit2change.ca. I’d like to be your life coach.

What I do

One-on-One Guidance & Support

  • Conduct customized one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions
  • Act as a sounding board and a source for fresh perspectives
  • Provide on-going support to change ingrained habits and behaviours
  • Help clients step out of their comfort zones and face their fears
  • Encourage to stay motivated
  • Challenge people to become more self-aware and honor their deeper core values

Relationship Building & Collaboration

  • Develop trusting relationships where truth can be spoken
  • Ask strategic questions and provide deep, attentive listening
  • Collaborate to set developmental goals and steps for reaching them

Setting Goals & Challenges

  • Empower clients to move beyond accustomed ways of looking at issues
  • Challenge individuals to achieve more than they ever believed possible
  • Become a collaborative partner in self-discovery and generating solutions and strategies
  • Hold individuals accountable for their commitments
  • Provide clear and specific assessment and feedback

Career Transition Coaching

  • Work with clients to develop specialized resumes
  • Teach personal and social media networking skills
  • Coach and practice interview skills and negotiating job offers
  • Deliver personality assessment tools to help identify skills, strengths and interests

Community and Organizations

  • Develop and deliver workshops on confidence, social media and self-care
  • Group coaching and group facilitation
  • Onsite support services to HR departments for layoffs and terminations

Why Choose Me?

I’ve been there.
I know about transitions. I’ve gone through them. I used to work over fifty hours a week at a senior level corporate position. I didn’t enjoy my job. I was getting burned out. I had to make a change.

One day I walked away. I walked away from the financial security. I was scared. But I knew I had to follow my heart. At the same time, my personal life was falling apart. I faced the pain of family breakup and eventually divorce. I know the challenges of being a single mom, wondering if things were going to be okay. Life coaching changed everything.

Life coaching helped me overcome and endure these major mid-life challenges. And now I am helping others. I specialize in helping people be their best.

The Bottom Line

I care.
I love helping people.
My tagline is simple: Live Life Now. Be Your Best. Commit2Change!
My approach is simple too: You have to make that commitment to change. Once you’ve made that commitment, I am here to guide you through the process. It is very important that you share what exactly you need from me; I can be empathetic and a compassionate listener, or a bulldog to your agenda. I am well regarded as being authentic, genuine, and fiercely courageous in my approach to clients.

Let me be clear: Even one session of intensive one-on-one coaching will change your life. This is my guarantee.

I’m passionate about what I do and I share that passion with my clients to help them become more confident and more capable in every area of life.

How can I help you?

If you need to take control of your life and truly make a significant change in your career, relationship or health, I want to help you.

To start dealing with your issues in an empowering and supportive environment call me at 647-994-1049 or email me at janet.blaha@commit2change.ca.