Toronto Career & Life Transition Coaching

Hi, I’m Janet Blaha, a Toronto Career and Life Transition Coach

Certified, Trusted and Professional Life Coach

I’m the owner of Commit2Change professional life coaching services throughout Toronto and the GTA, as well as across Canada and the U.S. I am ICF certified, with over 20 years experience helping people making important career and life transitions.

I am passionate about this work as I love helping people.

As a well-known expert in this field of career coaching I have helped hundreds of people make meaningful changes that have given them increased self-awareness, self-confidence and happiness in their lives.

Do you Find Yourself Wanting:

  • More joy in your career or relationship because you are tired of settling for mediocrity?
  • To make important personal or business decisions without self doubting yourself?
  • Less stress and more work-life balance or time for self-care?
  • Confidence, peace, clarity or a greater sense of purpose?

If any of these speak to you, this is your chance to change your life. My professional coaching services might be exactly what you are looking for. As your life coach, I can help. We are in this together…and a 15 minute conversation will help you recognize this for yourself!

Career & Life Transition Coaching is about being committed throughout the entire process whether it is for your career or other aspects of your life. It is about helping you find clarity and deciding what you want to change that matters most to you. It is also about developing a plan based on your values and building upon your strengths and supporting you achieve the outcomes you deeply aspire. Recent research indicates that the value and credibility of coaching are at all new highs.
2015 Executive Coaching Survey Public Report

ICF’s studies support that clients show over a 98.5% value and satisfaction rate.
Client Satisfaction Article

If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life or you have an ambitious vision OR feeling stuck, or tired about your current outcomes, I encourage you to partner with an experienced professional life coach who is equally committed to your success!

In my coaching practice, one session will change your life. This means that I provide a personal guarantee that you will find value in every session. If you are committed to make a change in your life, please don’t hesitate to call. I would love to chat with you to understand your needs and determine what might be possible by working together in a transition coaching relationship.

Contact me at 1-647-994-1049